Auction Service Fees

In the event of a bid entered is SUCCESSFUL:

1. Premium Overseas bidders there will be a 15% auction fees on top of the successful bid price.

2. Normal (Regular Dealers) Overseas Bidders there will be a 17% for watches and 18% auction fees auction fees for other categories on top of the successful bid price.

3. Local Regular Japanese bidder will be a 12% auction fees on top of the successful bid price, Premium Local Japanese Bidder will be a 10% auction fees on top of the successful bid price and 10% consumption tax added to the total amount.

※Auction fees is on a per item basis
​※※Minimum fee is 600 JPY

(Bank charges or any payment gateway charges will be borne by users if the user will want to refund from the wallet)

There will be no charges in the event of the bid is not successful. No Membership fees, no Annual fees, no Monthly fees Required
Percentage of merchandise bid value will be charged to The Dealer/ Bidders.

  1. 高级海外竞标人的拍卖服务费是中标价格的15%,普通海外竞标人的拍卖服务费是中标价17%-18%。
  2. 日本当地的中标人的拍卖服务费是中标价格的12%,并且追加中标价格的10%的消费税。
  3. 拍卖费以商品单数计费,最低收费是600日元。
  4. 账户钱包的退款手续费由用户自行承担。
  5. 竞标不成功不收取任何手续费。