Add Product guide

Seller Add Product Guide

How to add Product to your Store
You may follow the guide as below

1. Click on the side bar, Products and then Add New Products

1.1. Input Product Name.
1.2. Select the Category item belongs to.
1.3. Input how many Unit pieces for the product.
1.4. Input the weight of the product in KG,this will affect the shipping fees calculation.
1.5. Minimum purchase can be altered.
1.6. You can input the Tags which this will affect how consumers will get to search your product from the internet.

2. Add Galery Images and then Click on browse

2.1. Click on Upload New.
2.2. Select Insert Files then click on the items accordingly an then save.

3. You can select colors, Then select atributes

3.1. Click on Atributes and then you can select Shape, Type, Model, Evaluation and others.
3.2. After that input the details for the Atributes as shown below.

4. Key in the unit Price, Discount and the the SKU number.

4.1. Key in the Selling Price and you can add in discounts amount or percentage to discount.

4.2. Input your SKU number for easy retrieval for your products

4.3. Then input number of quantity of the product.

5. Description of the product and extra images.

5.1. Input the extra description and details for the product.

5.2. You can add in extra images to make your product much more attractive.

5.3. Go back up to the Galery Images, then left click on the image that you want to add.

5.4. Then select Copy Image Address.

5.5. click on the image icon and the paste the Image Address and it will be uploaded to the description details.

6. Save and Publish the Product.

6.1. Lastly, click on the Save and Publish and the product will be posted and you can view it in your store and in "Shopping Mall" in the webpage.