Payment Methods

1. Payments & Deposits
After registering or logged in to your account then you may make payment directly in the website.
Payment methods shall be made via PayPal, via Credit Card, Alipay, UnionPay, Wechat Pay or via direct Bank transfer TT to our designated bank accounts listed below.
Note: for payment which is above JPY1,000,000, you may separate each JPY1,000,000 transaction topped up to your wallet and then make payment to the order Invoice. 

(i) User deposit for bidding :
40% of total Place bid amount will be consider as deposit when you top up to your wallet.
User will be consider as Regular Dealer and will have the options to use the deposit as for payment to the won bids.

(ii) Premium Dealer will need to place a deposit of JPY200,000 :
For Premium Dealers will have no limits on placing bids with us.
There will be no charges if auction is not successful.

2. Successful Auction Bidding
In the event of a bid entered is SUCCESSFUL, a specific percentage of merchandise bid value will be charged to The Buyer.
(please refer to our % of merchandise value fee list)
*Note: For SUCCESSFUL bids, deposit payment made shall not be used for the bidding (any shortfall to be paid by The Buyer).
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Payment has to be made within the Auction period, otherwise your ORDER will be canceled.
After successful bids, your order will not ship until we receive full payment.

3. Bank Transfer Instructions
Having done the TT, we require you email us a copy of the TT slip with the bank’s endorsement. Please type in YOUR NAME, COMPANY NAME & POSTAL ADDRESS
and attach to the payment page and submit the payment, this will make it much easier for us to track your transaction.
Failure to do so will result your order NOT to be proceeded.

4. Alipay HKD/ RMB check out:

Please be noted that Alipay will convert all transactions to HKD while check out.
For compatibility reason, you will not be able to pay your orders directly in JPY by Alipay HKD/ RMB.

In this case you will only be able to top up to your wallet with Alipay HKD/ RMB, after that our admin will acknowledge your payment and convert HKD to JPY from your wallet.
After the currency have been converted to JPY then you may use your wallet to make payment.

Please give our admin a little time to go through the transactions.

Thank you