Terms and conditions (Wholesale B to B)

From here onwards, the terms “The Vendor” refers to “Japan Brand Co. Ltd.” and “One who utilize the Auction Service” refers to “The Dealer”. Prior to bidding for any merchandise, we require you to read through the following Terms & Conditions. If agreed upon, please fill in your particulars in your profile with the Terms & Conditions ticked and agreed.


(Qualification of using the Service)

1. The Dealer will duly fill in the necessary details in the Registration Form. A photocopy of The Dealer’s Business Registration, business owner’s Identity Card, business owner’s photo and business premise photos. (This complies to Premium Dealers only)

2. Terms and Conditions and bidding manual must be fully understood, the quality status of the auction items must be fully acknowledged before using the service.


(Procedure for using the Service)

3. The Dealer will have to qualify with our designated procedure then only The Dealer will be able to login with a given “Service ID” and “Password”.

4. Through the competitive auction , the highest bid that exceed the owner’s/ Seller’s expected price only will be deem as successful bid.


(Deposits and Service usage charges)

5. However there is no usage charges for a regular Dealer but a deposit is required while bidding :

(i) Regular Dealer User deposit for bidding : (pre-bid)

Deposit                               Bid amount

40%                 : Total Place bid amount when checkout.

For Regular Dealer will have the options to use the deposit as for payment to the won bids.

Please refer to clause 7. (i) and (11) for Regular and Premium Dealer auction fees.

(ii) Premium Dealer will need to place a deposit of JPY200,000 and the deposit will not be use for payment: (Click here to register as a Premium Member)

For Premium Dealers will not have any limitation of values in placing bids with us. However the Deposit can be refunded after 1 year with the record of there is no late payment and the Dealer do not wish to join our auction anymore after 1 year. However if in the process on the return of deposit and the Dealer have balance overdue then the Vendor will have the rights to request for the balance payment or will use the deposit for any shortfall of balance payment. However the member will be downgraded to regular automatically if you have closed your Premium account.

(you may reach us at [email protected] and we will issue a Premium Security Deposit invoice for Premium upgrade)

(iii) Seller, sell in Brand Auction will have an auction selling fee of 12% or minimal fees of JPY600 whichever is higher, base on the successful sold price in the auction.  When the item have been sold in the auction then Vendor will have the sold price return to the Seller wallet after deducting the auction selling fee.

After having the item listed in the auction for 2 batches and if the item is not sold then there will be a minimal fee of JPY600. Invoice will be issued to the seller after auction listing have ended.

Vendor will inform the Seller if the item is not sold in the auction after listed for 2 batches. The Seller can re-auction the item again or the Seller have a choise to sell in "Shop now" or to return the item to Seller. (note* Shipping fees will be borne by the seller)

All fees must be paid and have no shortfall of any balance payment only then the Vendor will return the item to the Seller.

Withdrawal from Wallet:

You can perform a Wallet Withdrawal and refund your money back to your origin payment method.

(i) All payment or bank details must be clearly filled in and submited before making the withdrawal by the Dealer, Vendor will not take into responsibility for any wrong information submitted by the buyer in the transfer.

(ii) Vendor willl need to confirm all order invoices have been fully paid and there are no bids placed in the auctions, all amount have been unlock from wallet only then the withdrawal will be processed, other then that all withdrawal will be rejected.

(iii) Please take note : it will take a few working days for the withdrawal to reflect into your origin transaction method.

Payment gateway will have a minimal charge of approximately 4% on the transaction, Overseas bank transfer will have a bank charge of JPY9,000 and local bank charge of JPY660.


Place bids increment value:

Brand Auction:

(i) You can raise a minimal amount of JPY1,000 or higher for each bid.

(ii) Items which is above JPY330,000 will be JPY2,000 per-increment per bid placed.

Items above JPY 1,000,000~1,999,000 will be  JPY 5,000 per-increment per bid placed.

Items above JPY 1,200,000 or more will be JPY 10,000 per-increment per bid placed.

Low Price Auction:

(i) You can raise your first bid at 1,000 and then a minimal amount of JPY500 or higher for each bid.

RealTime, TimeLimited, MKK:

(i) You can raise a minimal amount of JPY1,000 or higher for each bid.

(ii) Important Note* RealTime auction Bid results will not be reviewed unless you have won on the bid and the results will only be reviewed to the won bidder. (If reserve price not met then will negotiate according to the bid price that you have placed)


(iii) “Live Bidding Online” is applicable for “Brand Auction” only, Auction starts from 9.00am to 17:00pm/ 19:30pm every Tuesday Japan time and in the auction you may raise your bids in real-time, there will be 8 channels running at the same time, auctioning each item in less than 10 seconds and you can raise your bids directly just by pressing a button in the Live bidding.

You can upgrade to “Live Bidding Online” with an additional deposit of JPY800,000, after depositing with us you will be upgraded to “Live Bidding Online” account within 7 working days.

There will be no charges if auction is not successful.

6. Only then, shall it be considered The Vendor agrees to place a bid at the auction. The Deposit payment methods shall be via direct transfer to our designated Bank accounts or direct transfer to our Japan Bank account and for payment via PAYPAL + 4% on top of the deposit amount or Credit Card payment services. This Deposit will also be a means of which The Vendor has the right to deduct all auction fees as mentioned in Items (5), (7) and (9).

7. In the event of a bid entered is SUCCESSFUL, a specific percentage of merchandise bid value will be charged to The Dealer (please refer to our % of Auction service fee)

Auction fees is on a per item basis

※※Minimum fee is 600 JPY

(i) For foreign bidder (out from Japan) there will be a 15% total auction fees plus tax for Premium Dealer. Total auction fees plus tax of 17% to 18% for Regular Dealer, on top of the successful bid price.

(ii) For local Japanese bidder there will be a 12% auction fees on top of the successful bid price and 10% consumption tax added to the total amount.

if bid is UNSUCCESSFUL, (ie. Deposit refund upon unsuccessful bid) However expense for transfer or remittance thereof must be bare by The Dealer.

8. *Note: For UNSUCCESSFUL bids there will be no charges, deposit payment made shall be used for the next bidding (any shortfall to be paid by The Dealer).

9. In the event the merchandise put up for auction but not sold, The Vendor may negotiate on behalf of The Dealer. If the negotiation is SUCCESSFUL, a fee of 18% merchandise bid value + 3% auction negotiation fee will be charged to The Dealer.



10. The Dealers must comply with the result of transactions through the service.

11. The Vendor has the right, with only the best intentions at heart, not proceed with any bids as requested by The Dealer. Items that are deemed as inappropriate by The Vendor may be cancelled without prior notice or become invalid.

12. Dealers must agree upon with the above clause in order to continue using our service.


(Cancellation after Buying)

13. Dealers may not in any circumstances cancel items that are bought through the service.

14. (Regular Dealer) If the Buyer will want to cancel the won items from the auction then a penalty charge will be charged to the Regular Dealer (9,000 yen or 40% of the Successful price, whichever is higher) will be deducted from the deposit made.

(Premium Dealer) However the seller or buyer of the items may cancel the transaction by paying a penalty to the The Vendor. (9,000 yen or 40% of the Successful price, whichever is higher)


(Seller Cancellation for Low Price) 

A fee of 5,000 yen will be charged for cancellation before Monday (excluding tax) for seller/ Buyer will not have any circumstances for cancellation as it has been inserted by the computation system.

In circumstances, for cancellation of bids on Monday before the auction due time a fee of 7,000 yen will be charged (excluding tax) to the seller.

Cancellation on Monday after end of the auction, 9,000 yen or 20% of bid price will be charged (which ever is higher)(tax not included) to the seller.

It is advisable to all dealers not to cancel any bids from Low Price Auction (please be careful when placing bids in Low Price Auction)


(Credit Limit)

15. The Vendor set the credit limit to the bidding price, Users are to abide by following clause:

(i) Credit Limit may be assigned arbitrarily, Users may not appeal any objection.

(ii) No bids will be placed after exceeding the credit limit.

(iii) If Dealers desire to bid over the credit limit, Dealers are to notify The Vendor in advance. Such transaction over credit limit will be abled by securing Deposit in our designated bank (until the deposits are acknowledged) before the auction. However expense for remittance thereof must be bare by The Dealer.



16. After a successful auction, upon issuance of the Commercial Invoice, The Dealer must settle the Balance Payment within 5 days (hereinafter called the due date) from the date of the invoice. The expense occurred by such transfer or remittance must be bare by The Dealer.

17. The above payment must be made payment in the currency nominated by The Vendor.

18. Failure to pay by The Dealer after the due date will result in imposing late interest of two percentum (2%) permonth calculated on daily basis from the date of expiry until the date of receipt of the payment of the sum due.

19. Otherwise, The Vendor has the right, without prior consent from The Dealer, to re-sell the merchandise at the auction house. No refund of the deposit placed will be entertained. This will also consider as a cancellation and a 40% of deposit will be deducted from the Dealer’s wallet account.


(Return and Refund Policy)

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help. Please state the reasons of your return or refunds.

Note* please be notified that condition, evaluation or rank stated as D, F and N will not be eligible for any return or refund. (RealTime: 1 and 2 evaluation products is ineligible for claims.)

20. Returns: You have 14 days to return an item from the date you received it.

(note: whichever date is no longer than 1 month after the auction ended period)

(i) To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.

Your item must be in the original packaging with the tag in it.

Your item needs to have the receipt or proof of purchase.

Return will not be entertained if the defects has been stated in the details list upon purchase.

(ii) If suspected not authentic; It is compulsory that you will have any written document from the authorized flagship store claiming that the item is not authentic.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.

Please provide the photos and on the described non authenticity of the item. We will be sending the details to the auction house authenticity personnel.

Your item must be in the original packaging with the tag in it.

Your item needs to have the receipt or proof of purchase.

You have 14 days to return an item from the date you received it. (note: whichever date is no longer than 1 month after the auction ended period)

21. Refunds: Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your returned item.

We will immediately notify you on the status of your refund after inspecting the item.

If your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your wallet in your account on the next billing account.

If your refund is to initiate to your credit card (or original method of payment) You will receive the credit within 7 days, depending on your card issuer’s policies.

22. No return and refunds if the above requirements are not met.


(Postage or Courier fees)

23. Shipping cost: 

(i) Shipping Charges is auto calculated by the appointed shipping company in the website. We ship all over the world and there is selection of postal company which you can choose from.

(ii) You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non¬refundable.

If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.


(Indemnity due to Accident/ Delay in Transit)

24. For the accident/ Delay/ Damage/ Lost in transit, it should be abide along with the content of the insurance policy by the transporter. The Vendor shall have no responsibility in respect thereof. Loss due to damage and delay as result of natural disaster and other force majeure will be indemnified.

25. The Vendor shall not be liable for any problems or defects which were not detected during the after purchase inspection but which became apparent after arrival at the destination. Exemption if Transporter Insurance have been purchased up front and having proof that the damages occurred during the transit period from Japan to destination, The Vendor can assist The Dealer in negotiating with the transport company regarding any compensation possibility.

26. However, The Vendor will assist The Dealer to lodge any claims on serious problems or defects with the merchandise provided that the transporter and The Vendor deems it to be a viable claim.


(Delivery within Import Rules)

27. The Dealer is fully responsible for the Import Tax, Import Rules & Regulations of the country, of destination, of the merchandise. The Vendor will not be liable for any of the purchased merchandise that do not comply with these Rules & Regulations.

28. In the case whereby any disputes arise concerning any matters not provided above, The Vendor and The Dealer will both in good faith and business relationship settle the matter by mutual consultation between both parties.


(Storage and Charges)

29. for the Dealers which have made payment to the order invoices and in “Pending Merge” status will be applicable to store with us for a period of not more than 1 month. The Vendor reserve the right to charge a minimal storage fees of JPY300 per-item. The Dealer will have to make full payment to the storage fees before the orders can be cleared and delivered to the Dealer.

30. The Vendor will have the right, without any prior consent from the Dealer to cancel the orders if the Vendor have tried to reach out to the Dealer and have no response from the Dealer.

Once items have been cancelled, no refund for deposit or payment made will be entertained.


(Prohibited Acts)

31. The Vendor may set restriction or terminate the service if following by The Dealer is acknowledge.

(i) Transfer or lending the provided ID to any other parties.

(ii) Act that slander The Vendor or the service, or that may undermine the integrity.

(iii) Reproduction of the Service without the permission, or any other similar action.


(Governing Law)

32. In the event the dispute cannot be solved amicably between The Vendor & The Dealer, the disputes shall be settled in accordance to the legislations of Japan. Both parties agree that Japan will be the primary and main court of law before which all disputes are to be presented.



Please take note that we follow strictly to Japan shipping restriction list of items, All kinds of Alcohol / Flammable Fluids / items contains battery that cannot be exported out from Japan.

All overseas bidder are advice not to bid for any perfumes or any flammable fluid and items contains battery except for self collect customers.