wholsale B to B



We specialize in trading with new and

used Branded goods from Auction Houses

catering to the global market.

We strive to provide our business affiliates

with the lowest price in market and aim to

serve our customers to the best of our

ability and provide prompt, accurate and

efficient services.


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and terms and conditions for more


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Provide global delivery service

Lowest price in market

Brand Auction is a business-to-business platform providing trading support to Business Owners’ and dealers.
We provide an auction base trading services of Luxury branded goods for dealers and strive to offer only the lowest price in the market that benefit all dealers

Real time Auction

You can bid in the comfort of your own home. We have not constraint ourselves just to real time auction but to virtual auctions and have expanded our services out beyond this.

Access to purchasing through out whole Japan

Acting as an agent for the various auction houses all over Japan, thousands of stock each week and our customers will be able to view these lists via our Platform

Hassle free Shipment 

Delivery to your designated location and timely shipment schedule

100% Authentic

Strict regulation and standards with rigorous inspection system and having professionals, experts and official examiners to ensure the highest quality and 100% authenticity.

Professional knowledge

Professional knowledge of operation in auction market, such as distribution and settlement management capabilities, and the ability to ensure information reliability are crucial to e-transactions.