Seller Dashboard guidelines

Seller Dashboard guidelines


1. How to set your Seller dashboard

From the Home page go the top right and then Click on Seller DashBoard

2. When you are in Seller dashboard

2.1. Click on Shop Setting and then fill in Store Details.

2.2. Click on Shop Logo and attach your logo, You can set your Store Banner by attach size format 1,500 x450.

3. Add your Products to your Store

3.1. Click on Products and then you can add your products.

3.2. All your AUCTION WON PRODUCTS will be automatically uploaded to your Store.

Won Auction Products, automatically added to your Store.
3.3. You can change the details of the Auction products which have been automatically uploaded in your product page,
       this is to safe all the work, time efficient and help you to sell your products quicker.

3.4. You can select Edit icon to change the details in the Product listing page.

       In the Product Listing you can change the selling price, weight of the item and other details in it.

3.5. Select Publish after you have checked the details of the products, then your products will be listed in the website Shopping Mall.

5. How to go back to Webpage

5.1.  Go to the top left and then click on the Globe Icon.

5.2. You will then be redirected back to the Home Webpage.