Point Program

Point Program

Earn Points on your everyday Purchase


Buy more get more Points                                                                     Earn Points                                                                                        Use Points to purchase

How points are given:

1. Depending to the point given in season, purchase from Auction, purchase from Shopping Mall and when making payment to earn points.

2. Minimum amount spent of JPY1,000 to earn points.

3. Once you have been awarded with points then you will see the pending points earned and points usage.

4. Every 10th of the month, points will be distributed to the user.

What are points:

5. The points can be used together with your money in your wallet to make purchases or payments.

6. Point is not maney but it can be use to make payment where equivalent to 1 point to 1 Yen.

Is there limitation and due period for points:

7. There is a limitation of percentage usage of points for each purchase or payment.

8. There will be a 6 months due date using the points and if the user do not use the points after the due period then the points will be confiscated.