Company Overview

At Brand Lux, we aim to serve our customers to the best of our ability and provide prompt, accurate and efficient services. We believe that our pursuit of three business elements based on our long-term experiences led to development of new business and services.

Professional knowledge of operation in auction market, such as distribution and settlement management capabilities, and the ability to ensure information reliability are crucial to e-transactions. We have remained absolutely committed to upholding those requirements while also focusing on authenticity, the pursuit of truly genuine service, in our quest to enhance customer satisfaction and further develop the industry.

Reliability of information, knowledge in operation, and unique systems-has enabled customers to trade with confidence as our Auction Houses has perform a rigorous inspection for all listed items. For the future, Brand Lux will remain absolutely committed to our corporate philosophy of Authenticity, striving to think and pursue what service entails. Applying new expertise and experiences to our business,we will work toward innovative e-distribution aiming to increase customer satisfaction and to contribute to industry development.

Brand Lux will continue to foster new ideas and add value to information, committing to support innovative approaches to e-distribution in a wide range of fields. We will continue venturing boldly into new areas of knowledge and experience and hold true to our corporate culture of working relentlessly to achieve goals as we drive forward innovations in online transaction. We look forward to your continued support. Brand Auction is committed to ensure “Truth and Honest business practices” for every respective customer in pursuit of mutual harmony and benefits providing prompt,accurate and efficient services for  all respectful customers.