Premium Dealer Registration

You can go through the Terms and Conditions for usage of account from the link below

You may scroll to the bottom and you may see register for Premium. Our admin will go through the form and we will have to issue a Deposit invoice to your order account.

Premium Dealer will need to place a deposit of JPY200,000 and the deposit will not be use for any kind of payment:

The Deposit can be refunded after 1 year if the Dealer do not wish to join our auction anymore or to close the Premium account and join as a regular member.

After you have the Deposit payment made then you will be upgraded to the Premium Dealer account.

Premium account will have the benefits of placing bids with the convenience of not needing to top up each time of 40% value.

The auction fees will also be reduce to 5% on all items won + 10% tax in total of 15%..

And the guidelines for the FAQ and placing bids from the link below

It is important that you go through the successful bids explanation

Please feel free to contact us for any further clarification needed.

Thank you.

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