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At Japan, it is common trading in auction for new and used designer goods which range from watches, bags, jewelleries to accessories catering to the global market.

Brand Lux will fill the void where dealers are unable to make purchases with a cost effective price and timely shipment schedule. Our method of supplying our products to our customers is very simple and straightforward. Acting as an agent for the various auction houses in Japan, we basically have thousands of stock each week and our customers will be able to view these lists via our website.
From there, it is just a matter of choosing the products to bid and if successful, customers will have their purchases soon. All we charge for our services is a minimal commission fee. No unnecessary extras or add-on fees.
We aim to serve our customers to the best of our ability and provide prompt, accurate and efficient services.

Brand Lux is a business-to-business platform providing trading support to Business Owners’ and dealers. We provide an auction base trading services of Luxury branded goods for dealers and strive to offer only the lowest price in the market that benefit all dealers.

Our branded designer items business involves a wide variety of luxury brand items including new and used watches, jewelleries, and bags. Based on the three cornerstones of its operations- Excellent systems, due to the scalability of the internet we have not confined ourselves to virtual auctions, but rather have expanded our services out beyond this. We believe that our pursuit of three business elements based on our long-term experiences led to development of new business and services.
Japan Brand Co Ltd "Brand lux is formerly known as Brand Auction" is a diversification of Japan Cars Co Ltd that was incorporated in Japan in August 2010. We specialize in trading new and used Branded goods from Auction Houses catering to the global market since 2015. Leading to the overwhelming response to the new and used export market, Japan Cars Co Ltd is now venturing into auction of new and used designer goods which range from watches, bags, jewelries to accessories.

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Professional knowledge of operation in auction market, such as distribution and settlement management capabilities, and the ability to ensure information reliability are crucial to e-transactions. We have remained absolutely committed to upholding those requirements while also focusing on authenticity, the pursuit of truly genuine service, in our quest to enhance customer satisfaction and further develop the industry.

Reliability of information, knowledge in operation, and unique systems-has enabled customers to trade with confidence as our Auction Houses has perform a rigorous inspection for all listed items. For the future, Brand Auction will remain absolutely committed to our corporate philosophy of Authenticity, striving to think and pursue what service entails. Applying new expertise and experiences to our business,we will work toward innovative e-distribution aiming to increase customer satisfaction and to contribute to industry development.

Brand lux will continue to foster new ideas and add value to information, committing to support innovative approaches to e-distribution in a wide range of fields. We will continue venturing boldly into new areas of knowledge and experience and hold true to our corporate culture of working relentlessly to achieve goals as we drive forward innovations in online transaction. We look forward to your continued support. Brand Auction is committed to ensure “Truth and Honest business practices” for every respective customer in pursuit of mutual harmony and benefits providing prompt,accurate and efficient services for  all respectful customers.

We only deal with 100% authentic merchandise. We have a very strict regulation and standards with rigorous inspection system and having professionals, exexperts and official examiners to ensure the highest quality and 100% authenticity. Japan association of circulation self-government is also working as a group that aims to eliminate illegal “Imitation” goods. Brand Lux specializing in trading new and used designer goods which range from watches, bags, jewelleries to accessories  from Auction Houses catering to various parts of the world.

Brand Lux is offering a System only to Business Owners or Dealers to trade and purchase in a lower than distribution price by placing a desired bid price which they are familiar with. The Luxury Merchandise will be carefully categorized and place in the Auction List to assist Retailers around the world to manage their supplies in a cost effective manner by delivering accurate information and prompt shipment, ultimately helping them to achieve their desired sales level. We will offer over thousands of Luxury Merchandise every week  from various type of Luxury Branded Bags, Watches and Accessories which is gathered from all over Japan. Purchase and Sale Products are made easy for all Business Owners and Dealers to trade because all merchandise will be delivered from door to door when a purchase or sale is made.

Hassle free trading system for Dealers and save all the trouble from looking to purchasing of merchandise such as limited items and solve the problem of under stock. This will also solve the problem of overstock, which Business Owners can place their merchandise back in our auction houses for trading again.

Real Time Live Auction House

Scalability is the ability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work in a capable manner or its ability to be enlarged to accommodate growth due to the scalability of the internet and we have not constraint ourselves just to real time auction but to virtual auctions and have expanded our services out beyond this. This is to enhance the ability of easy access to our auction wherever you are and need not to dedicate yourself to a specific location.

Our auctions will be held twice a week, the Auction List will contain merchandise to be auctioned within the next 3 days. The Auction List information consist of auction details eg. product name, model information, start price, merchandise condition grade, auction date and etc. Dealers can also view the data of past auctions in the past auction list as reference and movements of the market of popular products sold at auction.

After going through the list, place your CONFIRMED/ INTENDED bid by placing your BIDS directly in the website. After we have acknowledged receipt of the deposit payment, shall the bids be deemed as a deposit and must be made prior to the bidding date.

After a bid is successful, dealers will be informed via email, upon issuance of the Commercial Invoice, dealers must settle the Balance Payment within 5 days from the date of the invoice. Otherwise, The Vendor has the right, without prior consent from The Buyer, to re-sell the merchandise at the auction house. No refund of the deposit placed will be entertained.